Origin Point Therapy

Origin Point Therapy(OPT) is created by Chang, Chao-Han(CCH), a Chinese medicine doctor in Taiwan, who desired to relieve his wife’s suffering from terminal cancer in 90s. The creation began with a coincidence. One day when CCH pressed a point on his wife’s buttock, her wife told him the inguinal pain was gone simultaneously. He felt wired and continued testing other locations. He searched and tested almost every part of his wife’s body. Then he started to realize that hypothetically, symptom is reflected upon a remote point which was called “an origin point” and is the true cause of symptom. If the origin point can be proper treated, the symptom, no matter what kind it is on the body, will decrease or disappear in the meantime. After lots of efforts in the past few years, CCH approved it and now he can tells us that

mostly, the region where people feel pain(symptom) is just a phantom and not the location needs treatment. If treatment is merely at the phantom, there is no benefit but harmful. Instead, a pain region(symptom) reflects a remote origin.  If we can treat properly at the origin, then the pain(symptom) will release in a very short time!

(To be continued.)